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About us

BORD Architectural Studio was established in 2006 with the aim of creating inspiring spaces with strong and lasting character. Besides our head-office in Budapest, we also operate offices in Debrecen and Zurich, where we employ altogether 40 architects and engineers. Our studio works on projects with different scales and usages and offers complete architectural services. Focusing on green and sustainable design, the studio has its own landscape architects and mechanical engineers as well. In this way, we provide a full design and engineering background for our projects from conceptual to construction phases.

Our aim is to build the dreams of our clients by offering them especially unique buildings with the highest quality design.

We are proud of our projects, which are considered as remarkably intelligent and creative architectural solutions. Our projects include such internationally recognised buildings as the building complex of Nagyerdei Stadium and the rehabilitation of Nagyerdei City Park, the Visitors’ Centre of Korda Movie Park, the Holdvolgy winery in Mad and the Etyeki Kuria Winery. Among our just completed works we can list such successful projects as the Aquaticum Water Theme Park, the International School of Debrecen and the Forest Offices, the first high-end office building in Eastern Hungary. We are also proud of our recent projects, among others, the Sauska Winery in Ratka, as well as the Allure Residence and the National Ice Skating Centre in Budapest.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best buildings are conceived in the course of open and straight communication and cooperation between clients and architects. To ensure the success of the projects, we often join the work as early as possible and collaborate in the drafting of the brief as well. We start every project by carefully analysing the location, its surroundings and opportunities. During the design phase, the most important aspects for us are fitting the building into the context, respecting the past memories of the space and having an impressive contemporary appearance.

Each project with its location is different and thus each architectural solution that we provide is unique and unrepeatable.

We do not follow any architectural style because the real character is timeless. Being inspired by the existing local values of the site locations we add unique and powerful characters to our buildings. We build each project around a story. This story inspires the architectural concept, leads the project like a guiding thread and gives individuality to each of our buildings.

We create such original places that are human-centred and stimulate innovative thinking and creativity.

Energy hidden in nature is the base of our physical and spiritual well-being. Therefore, we do not create sharp boundaries between inner and outside areas. During our design we unite nature and building in the same composition. In this way, the green environment becomes part of our life by creating an especially calm and harmonious ambiance around us.

Spaces with different dimensions create diverse atmospheres. On this basis, we often design such spacial sequences where we place volumes and spaces with different proportions after each other. Therefore our works are characterized by stunning, rhythmical spatial relations with dynamic appeareance.

During the design phase, we regard natural light as the fourth dimension. By the proper use of natural light we can create exciting trancparency and reflections. In addition we are able to focus attention, raise emotions and design vibrant or meditative spaces.

Our aim is to create such buildings, which are fresh contemporary while elegant and lasting, in order to leave a valuable legacy to the future generations.

The most significant responsibility of architecture lies in its role of community building. Thus we strive to conceive places which contribute to human relationships by generating communication, in order to enhance the creation of a tolerant and cooperative society.

Our HVAC Engineering Studio

In order to simplify the design workflow and to make sure that our studio is getting the quality engineering services it needs, we created our HVAC engineering division in 2012. As the engineering team grew exponentially with the number of new projects, BORD HVAC Engineering came to life and was founded in 2019 as a stand-alone company, led by Zoltan Hollokovi. A considerable advantage is that the engineering team shares office space with the architect team in Budapest.

The very first, and one of the most memorable projects of the engineering studio, was the Nagyerdei Stadium of Debrecen. In 2014 Zoltan Hollokovi received the national HVAC Engineering Project of the Year recognition for its planning. This project was followed by many others that besides being recognized for their architectural designs, feature successful and innovative engineering solutions. For example:

BORD HVAC Engineering’s scope of work covers the planning of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply, water supply and sewage disposal systems. They start working on projects aleady in the conceptual phase, and they keep involved up until the detailed planning phase.

One of their fundamental princliples is to come up with engineering solutions fully fitting to the architectural design concept. They also consider utilizing renewable energy as one of their top priorities at all times in order to find the most sustainable and economic solutions for their clients. In addition, as a response to latest industry trends and needs, the engineering team has also gained considerable experience in 3D design. This skill contributes greatly to the successful cooperation between engineers, architects, additional co-designers and general constructors.

Contact information:

Phone: +36 20 283 7999
E-mail: admin@bordstudio.hu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BordStudioGepeszet

Our Team

The unique atmosphere of our projects is designed by Peter Bordas, Founder and Lead Architect of the studio. The strategic decisions are made by the partnership of BORD – Peter Bordas, Robert Benke, Dorottya Hindy, Csilla Kracker, Linda Lente-Papp, Artur Lente, Tamas Mezey, Ildiko Pem, Tamas Tolvaj, Eszter E. Vagvolgyi and Kata Zih.

A highly qualified, dynamic and creative team of architects and experienced engineers is responsible for our precise and remarkably high-level services. We believe in the power of free choice and opportunities and thus, we encourage our colleagues to achieve full potential in their most preferred areas of engineering.