During the renovation and extension of the circa hundred and fifty year old peasant’s house its ancient rock walls were skeletonized and its old foundations were supplemented with modern, uniquely designed architectural panels. The small winery building carries the signs of the different architectural eras thus keeping alive the rich history and memories of the region.

The location: Mád is a rural town in the historic wine region of Tokaj Hill. The most famous wine hills are located in this particular area. Its significance is ranked by many historic buildings, its catholic and protestant churches and the baroque synagogue which was built in 1792. The town, which has been remembered for its wines and wine hills for centuries is also often referred to as a “wine capital”. Wine cellars have been created under the ground wherever it was possible from way back in the 16th century. So today deep down under the protected facade of the town there is a network of cellars. The narrow streets are packed with areaways and ancient cellar vents.

We were commissioned to plan an estate centre for a newly established winery in Mád a bit further away from the historic town centre. In the first phase of the investment we temporarily had to transform an old, dilapidated stone house into a modern winery. Though the former 150-year-old family house had no architectural significance, it became integral part of the historic location. Therefore, we decided to renovate and extend the peasant’s house with the intention of keeping the old stone walls while applying modern architectural facilities as well.

The complex programme of the small winery demanded the extension of the peasant’s house. We skeletonized and kept the old walls and extended them with modern architectural panels so as to turn something old into a unique new building with a genuine atmosphere. The visitors’ hall, the meeting room, the tasting room and the office is in the old building. We positioned the small winery, the laboratory and the newly built areaway leading to the 2km long, historic, multi-level cellar labyrinth in the extension of the building.

The constructions were completed in no more than a few of months and the building functioned perfectly well until 2013. In the same year the big winery, the second phase of the investment was completed right next doors. The small peasant’s cottage became integral part of the estate and is still used for administrative purposes.

Project Info

  • Project Name HOLDVÖLGY "cottage"
  • Location Mád, Hungary
  • Dimensions 273 m2 (net)
  • Completion 2009
  • Client Moonvalleywines
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Architect Team Tamás Tolvaj, Ildikó Pém