A summer cottage is a place where families can spend quality time together. The aim of the building is to provide a place for common activities, games, relaxing, barbecuing and long conversations - this idea inspired our concept by this little cottage at Lake Balaton.

The building is located to the north of Lake Balaton, Hungary. Sunlit wine hills, a mediterranean atmosphere and lovely wines are trademarks of the region. The old centre of the romantic town of Alsoörs lies above the shore on the hillside. Its narrow serpentine streets are rimmed with retaining walls and some of the traditional thatched roof houses are more than a hundred years old. The building is situated high above water level right next to the woods with a marvelous view on the biggest lake of Middle Europe.

The goal was to design a small family bungalow that provides perfect facilities for relaxing but at the same time thrills and inspires its dwellers. Due to the small basic area and the extraordinary shape of the site a unique design was required. The volume of the house is provided by a single, steep thatched roof, that is floating above the ground.

The “one roof one space” concept of the building places family and time spent together into the spotlight.

Under the thatched roof, there is basically one single internal area, in the centre of which lies the kitchen – eating and the fireplace symbolizing togetherness.

Looking up in the 8m high space one can see small floating mezzanines, reading pods and secret hiding places among the beams of the roof which are accessible via narrow wooden stairs. The different functions are placed on split levels, the high roof and the beams of the mezzanines create an exciting space experience – just like a dovecote.

The unique furnishing, the natural colours and the huge glass surfaces direct our gaze towards the panorama. The glass walls are shaded by sails made by local craftsmen. Using typically local building materials in a modern way blends the house in its surroundings beautifully providing a wonderful example of respecting traditional values.

Project Info

  • Project Name Dovecot - Holiday Cottage
  • Location Alsóörs, Hungary
  • Total floor area 118m2
  • Completion 2017
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Coordinating Architect Dalma Kiss
  • Mechanical Engineering BORD Architectural Studio - Zoltán Hollókövi
  • Landscape Architecture BORD Architectural Studio - Andrea Waldmann
  • Photogragher György Palkó