Balanced modules

Our main aim when planning the two blocks on the sloping plot of Svábhegy was to create a garden that connects perfectly symbiotically with the houses. The original environment is not touched albeit the closest surrounding of the buildings, otherwise the forest-like atmosphere of the dense natural habitat is to be preserved.

The previously empty plot is strongly slanting towards the street.  We oriented the houses based on the location of the “Zserbo Building” next door. On this axis a raster was applied so the two planned buildings are fitted onto this. This raster is also reflected in volume construction.

The character of the building is defined by playfulness of the module volumes. The base shape is a 6x6x3 m cuboid, these units were varied when creating the exciting composition on the location.

The medium grey plaster work of the facade will harmonize with the trees thus adjusting man-made to the natural even during the winter months. The flats are to be reached by lifts from the basement floor. The first and second floors are connected to the ground level and the third floor can be reached from the outside stairs connected to the facade.

The building has reinforced concrete structure. The 6m high cantilevered projectures seen on the plans are secured by beams and wall supporters. Sliding the glass doors of the apartments one can enjoy nature straight away. Each flat has a covered or uncovered wood panelled terrace and a relatively large grass area. The layout plans of the flats offer endless possibilities for further variations.

Project Info

  • Project Name Bükkös street Apartment Blocks
  • Location Budapest, Hungary
  • Gross Area 640m2
  • Project Year 2018-
  • Expected Completion 2019
  • General Design BORD Architect Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Architect Team Róbert Benke, Zsolt Belányi, Zsófia Hompók, Emese Kulcsár, Tamás Mezey, Balázs Móser
  • Landscape Architecture BORD Architectural Studio - Andrea Waldmann
  • Mechanical Engineering BORD Architectural Studio - Zoltán Hollókövi