DECODE - The Space for ARCHITECTURE is an annually organised competition combined with an exhibition. The art award was the idea of BORD and its main aim is to introduce the different stories and concepts behind the artifacts.

Whether we talk about architecture or any other form of arts there is always a serious concept behind buildings, sculptures or artifacts that make an impact. The aim of DECODE is to draw the attention to the importance of these concepts and the creative ideas built around them while emphasising the significance of creating values and at the same time provide opportunities for talented young artists of our times.

“To us the name: DECODE means that it is possible to grasp the stories hidden in the work we have created together with our clients and partners. So the task is to find and decipher these stories and create new ones – each of us has a different one!” – BORD

The first DECODE event was organised in 2018. Since then we have organised the exhibition and competition every autumn. In order to make contemporary art and architecture more popular our studio established DECODE Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and Art in 2019. From 2020 the foundation organises the DECODE competitions, invites a jury of 7 professionals to assess the entries and arranges the exhibition that displays the best projects of the event.

DECODE competition is designed for the young creatives aged between 18-35, who can enter in the category of architecture or visual and applied arts.  Competitors must introduce an own project from their inspirations to the completion phase focusing on the concept. This has to be presented in a maximum 3 minute long media file. A prestigious jury selected from the most prominent representatives of architecture and arts will choose the projects for the exhibition and the winners.

The winner films are shown to the public in a well known art gallery. At the official opening of the exhibition the prices are handed over to the winners in both categories. There are two Main Prizes, one in each category and 2-2 “Promising Project” awards.  The exhibition is free to visit for the following week. Creators can be met and chatted to supporting the cooperation and communication between architecture and related arts. After this the exhibition material is uploaded into the digital library of DECODE, where it is a freely accessible inspiration for everyone.

The short films of the last of year can be found here, the latest news about DECODE can be found on the Facebook page of DECODE.