Our concept for the Aquaticum waterpark of Debrecen does not wish to compete with other aquatic institutions, instead it aspires to create something new and unique. This plan was part of a long term, large scale investment strategy that involves Nagyerdei Stadium and the rehabilitation of the surroundings of Békás lake.

The planning area lies on the green premises that are under the protection of Natura 2000, right next to Nagyerdő forest. Our client would like to have an extended territory attached to the already existing spa, wellness and hotel services that offers modern experiences to the local people. On its east side the city plans to have a green path which will be the axis of our concept. Our other challenge apart from the complex functional programmes and the exceptional environment was to create something new, something that is truly different from all other spas in the region or the country while creating a 6000 square meter water surface.

The project became an exciting experiment for us. Breaking with the traditional, horizontal spa concepts we created a three dimensional experience.

The central visual attraction of the spa is an east-west fore axis, 196m x 26m floor place, 12 m high cuboid. This module is open and permeable on all sides and encompasses several functions such as: the thermal bath, the relaxing areas, the swimming pools, the slides, the sun bathing area and the bars.  Between the functions there are 12m tall water walls with mirrors, waterfalls and water veils. This way the building offers a three dimensional experience of water, and on top of all, the permeability between the different levels and modules, the vertical and horizontal routes become part of a great adventure too.

We insert a shining and exciting wellness centre in the greenery of the forest, water and architecture being equal elements of this venture.

Active connection with nature was a high priority during the project. The trees, the volumes of the nearby forest and the clearing are also pieces of the mosaic just like the three dimensional mass of water. The road leading to the water surfaces goes through a soft, curvy landscape which differentiates the area while incorporating and hiding the servicing areas. The visuals and possible adventures that are floating above our heads are so magnetic, it really is difficult to resist entering it. As we stroll towards Nagyerdő forest the noise is gradually fading away and the healing silence of nature takes over.

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