Open-access system in Debrecen

The Debrecen Innovation Centre is located on the university campus and functions as an incubator house for researchers and startup companies where they can all cooperate in a number of projects varying from theoretical research to prototype building.

The structure is like a reliable, heavy-duty shelving system that can coordinate the complicated network of information technology society. It is a hub of knowledge that provides a meeting point for various people and organizations during their research. The concept is a specifically simple and flexible answer to a versatile and time varying need. The different functions are layered above one another on three floors. The entrance is on the first floor, which is accessible from the park-like hillside through a bridge.

Innovációs Központ véghomlokzatának nappali látványa

In spite of its simple format the building resembles the structure of a town.

The middle floor is like the ‘main square’ of the town, where communal functions such as the canteen, the rest areas, the meeting rooms and the co-working zones can be found. Being the first and foremost meeting point of the building, it doesn’t have one, specifically positioned inner staircase although due to the network-like layout plan system a staircase could be created basically in any available raster field. Vertical access therefore is positioned in different spots on all floors making it unavoidable to cross the ‘main square’.

Innovációs Központ - beltér

The frame of the building is designed so as to adjust easily to the different functional needs.

A On the top floor there are researchers’ offices, while on the ground floor one can find spaces suitable even for prototype manufacturing. The ground floor, which functions like a factory, has a reinforced concrete frame structure matching production technology needs and supporting the light frame structures of the other two floors. Moving upwards, we designed a timber frame behind an inwrought shell structure. Using renewable building materials actually rhymes with the versatile functions of the complex. The new building thus motivates the campus dwellers to think responsibly and act environment-consciously. The installations positioned in the building and the inner acoustic surfaces will be assembled by the university students from the campus’ selectively collected recyclable waste.

The innovative mechanical solutions create a sustainable and environment friendly building.

Inner comfort is provided by an air-water heat pump and a heat recovery ventilation system. Solar energy is used to charge the heat pumps. As a result we created a flexible and innovative engineering concept that can perfectly serve both function and thrift. The building connects researches, enterprises and individuals. This transparent, functional system is a clear symbol of information society.

Innovációs Központ - beltér
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