The constuction of the Debrecen Spa has reached its highest peak. The first trusses which will be holding the sunbathing terrace were placed in their position.

Designing a spa is a rather unusual, yet exciting task. We always welcome challenging tasks but in this particular case apart from the usual enthusiasm the job was packed with heaps of playfulness as well. It was our pleasure to show our project to the journalists at last week’s on sight press visit.

It is quite stunning to see how “block A” is shaping up. This will be the central piece of the spa where water will show itself in three dimensions.  The building basically is an open, freely accessible construction that encompasses the adventure and sport pools into one volume. The particular pool experiences are separated by high, razor-like, reinforced concrete walls. The surface of these will either be covered by glass on top of which water will cascade down like a curtain or they will be holding green plants as organic wall structures.

Entering from Pallagi path the sight of a a 4m spring board diving pool will welcome the guests. The three diving stages are already visible on the thin reinforced concrete wall sticking out at 1, 3 and 4,70 metres. Another spectacular element of “block A” will be the 1160m2 adventure pool that will be surrounded by a water cave, a water path, a bar and four different types of slides. Then there will be a 1100m2 sport facility with training pools and a water polo pool. The different facilities will be held together by a 12m high sunbathing terrace. Here the the guests will find relaxing pools, bars and an exciting space experience.

When planning the kids’ area we considered a place that invites for adventure so we decided to design an exciting concept based on the cartoon “Treasure planet”. In cooperation with Eleven Ltd. we dreamt up a genuine pirate place with a zeppelin, cannons and slides. Apart from this children will also be able to enjoy a whole water surface of 990m2, a 290m2 spray park and a 620m2 wave pool.

Blocks B and C alongside Pallagi street are also structurally complete. This area includes the main entrance and the food court. The restaurants here will serve the visitors of the spa but on the other hand they are also open towards Nagyerdei path outside the building. On the long, flat volumes of buildings a green, wave-like roof slopes up from the direction of the spa. This low roof, earth supported structure offers not only thermal protection but a friendly environment too. The restaurants will be open all year round with a wide selection of international cuisine.

Apart from all these we are also planning thermal water pools, a “slow river” and a children’s theatre too. A rather unusual variety of two elements: grass and water occupy the different surfaces horizontally, vertically and on curved lines inviting the guests to explore and relax. The expected opening time of the spa is summer, 2020. We are definitely looking forward to dive into the experience.