• Tokaj-Zemplén Tourist Area Visitor Centre

In our competition concept we elevated the arrival level of the visitor centre above the vineyard so the landscape can be admired from a unique perspective. The heritage of the traditional architecture can be traced in some parts of the building, while its spiraling mass is modern and dynamic. It inspires and invites to explore.

The aim of the comprehensive government development in the Tokaj Wine Region is to enhance the touristic attraction of the area. Among the first ideas of the program are new touristic attractions, bicycle roads and establishing a visitor centre.  The main objective of the visitor centre is to function as an arrival and meeting point so the people entering the region can plan their program for their stay, get information and learn about the most important sights and products of the area. In accordance with this, the building will be situated at the intersection of the three most important main roads of the area, right at the gateway of Mád.

Our Studio has been invited to take part in the architectural design competition for the visitor centre. In our concept the building is an information centre where people can rest while the inspiring environment helps them plan their enjoyable stay in the region.  The mass of the building has been elevated above the vineyard in order to provide an unusual panorama for the visitors, creating an extraordinary first impression of the location.

The arrival to the upper level of the building is through the ramps that run on curvy lines. Here, in an open space hall the different functions like a café, a tapas bar, a souvenir shop, and exhibition centre and the Panorama Wine Bar can be found arranged on a curved line. The green environment of the interior and the high glass surfaces resemble the atmosphere of a winter garden. All main function areas lead to the open rooftop terrace at the centre of the building. The mass of the building opens up in the north-east direction towards Király Hill and the vineyards. The timber frame and high pitched roof design of the building evokes the architectural traditions while the twisting form shows contemporary appearance. The lower level of the building is a covered, open space with an information point and a rent a bike/electric vehicle spot. This location would also be able to serve other purposes like a crafts market or other events.

Project Info

  • Project Name Design Competition Concept for the building of Tokaj-Zemplén Tourist Area Visitor Centre
  • Location Tokaj Wine Region, Hungary
  • Year of Design 2021
  • Organizer Tokaj Borvidék Fejlődéséért Nonprofit Kft.
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Architect Team Tamás Mezey, Edina Házler
  • Visual Design The Greypixel