Imagination has no boundaries, they say but what if logic blocks really come to life? Geometrical units in four colours and different sizes. Playful structures for playful learning. The unique volume of Tócóskert Kindergarten takes us on a journey to fairy wonderland.

The building is located in the Tócóskert district of Debrecen on the south-west part of the city next to the Tócó Stream. The name of the district  (Tócóskert means Tócó garden) dates back to the 18th century when the area counted a mere outskirts of the city and its rich lands were used for farming and agricultural activities. Although the city structure changed in the 20th century with the appearance of housing estates, the name remained the same reminiscing the old days. The district has in fact been developing continuously ever since, these days mostly as a residential area. The already existing housing estates and the planned future investments created a demand for the development of Tócóskert Kindergarten.

The kindergarten has four group rooms and can take up to a hundred children. The building is located on a vast, 7500m2 plot, which is basically a garden, individually and we designed it to connect to Egressy Béni Square.  Our concept includes a strong street wall which provides acustic protection and an intimate space for the children within. It was important to provide the best orientation to the actively used zones such as the court and the activity rooms, therefore we planned the group rooms into the inner court. This way we could establish an ideal connection between the activity rooms and the garden.

Originaly we intended to design the functions under a slanting green roof on which one can easily walk up. On the rooftop garden children could play and do gardening in the herb garden. This original plan eventually was only partially implemented. The slanting green roof provides a great sight looking from the garden even if one cannot walk on it. The group rooms are emerging from the slanting green roof with their colorful units as if they were houses from a fairy tale. The street facade is just as playful as the inner court one. Different shaped colorful doors and windows indicate to children that this place offers an exciting and friendly interior.

Projekt details

  • Project Name Kindergarten of Tócóskert
  • Location Debrecen, Hungary
  • Total area 1.360 m2
  • Completion 2022
  • Client The Municipality of Debrecen
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Architect Team Róbert Benke, Zsófia Hompók, Dalma Kiss, Tamás Mezey, Andrea Méhes, Kata Zih
  • Mechanical Engineering BORD HVAC Engineering Llc. - Zoltán Hollókövi
  • Photograghs György Palkó