A rationally designed residential park is being built by our studio in Oensingen, Switzerland. The eight-flat residential unit blends in the hillside like a fortress. Its exciting volume structure provides plenty of possibilities to create protected inner courts and intimate terraces.

Oensingen is located on the northeast, German language region of Solothurn canton right next to motorway A1, connecting Zurich and Bern. The town has a population of 6300 and is within 15 minutes reach from the capital city of the canton and 30-40 minutes from big cities like Basel, Zurich, Luzern and Bern.

Neu Bechburg Castle, the jewel of the town is situated 150 metres above the town and is surrounded by a park and a large forest. It was originally built in the 13th century but in the 19th century it was renovated and extended. Apparently it is a Swiss heritage site of national significance and is open to the public. Many private and public cultural programmes are organised in the building and its surrounding is popular with hikers.

The location of construction is on the northwest edge of the town, between the two-lane service road leading to the motorway and a tiny street of the town, on a narrow plot. An existing noise protection wall and a green zone provide protection from the motorway. We arrive to the plot from the direction of the town so the main volume of the residential area is positioned alongthis road.

We placed 6 pairs of rectangular volumes parallel to the fore-axis of the plot with a south-west orientation towards the outskirts of the town. Thus, we have 3, two-floor semi-detached houses with independent garden connections. Using the natural features of the environment, a diagonal volume with two 80m2 flats, was placed under the houses into the sloping plot of the hillside. The building was granted permission so the construction will soon begin. The project is expected to be completed in 2020.

Project Info

  • Project Name Residential Park in Oensingen
  • Location Oensingen, Switzerland
  • Number of Apartments 8
  • Dimensions 1 100 m2 (net)
  • Expected Completion 2020
  • Client DODA AG
  • General Design Bordstudio GmbH
  • Head Architect Peter Bordas, Tamas Tolvaj