The aim is not only to renew a tunnel form building constructed in the socialist era into a modern hotel but also the transformation of a significant, robust building. We envisaged an airy and slender design that beautifully blends in with the protected view of the town and the natural waterfront.

The building is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tisza and Bodrog, right at the gates of the historic city of Tokaj. It was built in 1977 based on the plans of Ybl Prize winner László György Sáros DLA, one of the most outstanding representatives of organic architecture. The appearance of the building is defined by its building material: concrete, which was constructed with tunnel form technique. There are 6, 3.5 m wide monoliths – in other words locally cast concrete ‘tunnels’ on all 5 floors. These were connected by a corridor in the middle from where the rooms opened. The ends of the ‘tunnels’ were closed by wood framed glazing with loggias and solid balustrades on the front. The practically stand alone building is facing the protected environment of the town with one of its facades and the river Bodrog with another. The renovation and modernization of the 42 room hotel building would absolutely have been necessary by time. We were commissioned to design a modern, four-star boutique wine hotel.

The load bearing structure of the building is basically suitable for the needs of the modern functions so we kept it amending further necessities to create a new look. Having demolished the smaller parts of the building towards Rákóczi street, we closed the street frontage of the plot with a single-floor building with a pitched roof. This spacious, inviting area embraces the entry zone of the hotel where apart from the reception there is a wine bar and shop, a lobby and a lounge. This part of the building connects to the main volume with a half-level shift due to the lie of the land.

The original facade structuring and grading have been enveloped by a neat coverage giving a new shape to the existing volume.

Vertical transportation of the building occurs in the original locations. Due to the new plan and extensions we could increase the number of rooms. The rooms facing the river are also enlarged as a result of pushing out the facade from the front level. On the existing roof we established a new floor for large terrace apartments with a splendid view over the nearby hills and rivers. On the basement floor there is a wellness department that opens out to the garden.

Project Info

  • Project Name Mercure Tokaj Center
  • Location 5 Rákóczi utca, Tokaj H-3910
  • Number of rooms 55
  • Gross Area 1 208 m2
  • Completion 2022
  • Client Tokaj Hotel Llt
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Coordinating Architect Kálmán Artúr Lente
  • Architect Team Róbert Benke, András György Fábry, Tamás Mezey, Gábor Tóth
  • Mechanical Engineering BORD HVAC Engineering Llc. - Zoltán Hollókövi
  • Photo Tamas Bujnovszky