Cruisers in a reviving Pest side district

Ferencvaros, brownfield land - an area that is definitely changing. This is a location that can behold a single piece of art with a strong character as it doesn’t have to adjust to any other surroundings just yet. So this is Allure Residence, the three blocks of which resemble three cruisers.

Good location is essential, therefore this renewing part of Ferencvaros is just the thing as it is near the centre, the Palace of Arts, the National Theatre, Rakoczi Bridge, Kopaszi Dam, Lurdy House, Groupama Arena, Telecom HQ and within easy reach of Ludovika Campus.

This inspired us in carving this block with panorama, sunshine and orientation thus creating a form that emerges like a sculpture from the surroundings.

The extraordinary role of natural light is enhanced by the north-south orientation of the blocks and the south-bound scattering volumes. Light does not only play a role in illumination, it also frees space and thus it frees the eyes too. All this became a functional direction: the three blocks are virtually floating on a pedestal as if three cruisers were breaking the waves. This is how the form that does not need to adjust to its surroundings was born. This building can shape the surrounding from now on.

The residential area is built on a 15 thousand square meter plot the one third of which will be green area. The three blocks will be pulled up in six phases encompassing 528 flats and 3000 square meters of shopping area.

All apartments were planned with careful detail although they are fairly versatile ranging from 35 to 110 square meters serving different needs. Community spaces and contemporary artifacts please the eyes while other details like an underground garage with electric car recharging stations are ensuring convenience. The cantilevered terraces that enfold all floors are protecting against the summer heat creating a pleasant climate in the apartments. There are green corridors between the blocks that run parallel to each other, which will create pleasant parks and other community spaces. The heating and hot water supplies will be provided by a modern district heating system, which is an environmentally conscious solution.

Project Info