The Hungarian Chamber of Architects invited the lead designer of our studio to share his Advent message on the institution's social media. Here are Peter's thoughts:

Christmas is a time of togetherness and at the same time a period when the spaces and functions of our homes truly come to life. In this special time we spend more time in our cosy homes creating memories with our loved ones and appreciating the comfort of our surroundings. As an architect, I have always believed that our home is more than a simple structure; it is a reflection of our personality and emotions. During Christmas this feeling becomes even deeper. The familiar corners of our home become the centre of laughter, storytelling, and sharing traditions. Although in my professional life I strive to create consistent concepts, there is another side of me that emerges during the Christmas season. Allow me to confess: yes, sometimes even an architect can indulge in kitsch! Decorating my home with lights always brings me immense joy. We designed our house so that the garden is an integral part of the ground-floor communal family space. The types of plants, the colours of the leaves, the veins of the tree trunks, the green of the lawn, the three-dimensional composition of built and natural elements – all these are important components of the interior. During the Christmas season, I dress this garden in light, always with a different concept. The sparkling lights and the festive atmosphere radiate warmth and happiness in the interior spaces, which, for us, are an essential part of the Christmas season.

Let’s seize the opportunity to create a refuge that encompasses the spirit of Christmas, where the magic of the season finds its place. Whether it’s about elaborate decorations or simple gestures of love, let’s not forget that the spaces we design and the memories we create in them are what truly bring our homes to life in this special time.

I wish all of you a blessed and joyful Christmas filled with the warmth and beauty of home.