Office Bay is a shell and core office building located on the territory of the logistics center of the International Airport of Debrecen. Its constructions began in the first quarter of 2021 and are to be completed this summer. The contract requested a uniquely designed, C category building. Part of the concept was to design a building that is positioned at the very end of the road leading to the airport - a kind of sign for those who arrive there.

Uniqueness was to be represented by the construction of the foundation: sliding the raster created a triangle net-like structure that gave the basis a dynamic appearance, yet it remained rational and economical thus serving the function. The final shape was inspired by the dynamism of flying, yet it became whole in its complexity due to the rational mechanical solutions. Its volume communicates to more directions and the surrounding hilly green environment enhances this further. Part of the supporting structure is provided by a vertical steel brace which is also a significant element of the interior. To enhance appropriate light there are ribbon windows running across the facade. In front of these there are mechanical shades to provide an ideal work environment.

The ground floor plus four floor building will include public spaces, rental and operational areas. The building connects to a logistics hall via a firewall while the other sides are bounded by roads and public spaces. The final result is a highly functional and economical building defined by the concept of a novel use of bracing structure.