I’d like to ask about the age limit, weather it regards group entries as well, because I work in GYIK (an art workshop for kids and adolescences). I’m an architect and I work with children aged 8-12, I teach visual education. I am above the age limit and they are below it but I was wondering perhaps they could enter as a group?

Unfortuantely the age limit concerns group entries too, so I’m afraid they cannot enter the competition if they are under the age limit.

I’d like to ask about any extra information about the competition. Last year there were optional topics too.

The detailed information about the competition can be reached on the following link in both
English and Hungarian. It includes the aim of the competition and its terms and conditions too.

I’d like to enter the competition with a video but unfortunately the time limit (3mins) seems to be too short. Is it possible to extend this limit somehow?

Well, rules are rules so unfortunately we must keep them without any exceptions. Nevertheless an extra few seconds will not result in disqualifications.

What if there is a group entry and one of the members is over 35?

Well, rules are rules so unfortunately we must keep them without any exceptions therefore each member must be between 18-35.

Will shortlisted people receive a note about having been shortlisted?

The official announcement of the result is taking place on 13. November in Faur Zsófi Gallery. We will decide later on weather we will inform shortlisted participants or not.

Is it absolutely necessary for each member of the group to have some connection to an art school? Does applying to one such institution count as a connection already?

In the case of group entries the criteria is to have at least one member of the group who has already started their education in the fields described in the terms and conditions. Age limit or the other hand concerns all members of the group.

In the category of architecture can I enter with a university project or a project that has gained publicity previously?

Yes, one may enter with such materials as long as they meet the criteria of the competition.

Is there a financial limit to the implementation costs? Does the issuer of the tender cover the costs?

Since it is perfectly enough to hand in a media file about the concept of the installation/artefact, producing the actual work is only optional. There is no limit to its implementation costs but it should be paid by the contenders. The issuer of the tender will not cover any such costs.


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