Lajvér Winery is fitted in the terraced side of the northern part of Szekszárd Hills, which can be found on the south of the Szekszárd Wine Region. The building harmonizes with the landscape while providing an ideal venue for a 3600 m2 area of gravity-flow winery and the related versatile catering functions that are attached to it.

We shaped the building of Lajvér Winery so as it resembles a land-art object. Stratification, inclination and position of the terrain were crucial throughout the construction process.

The centre of the vineyard bulks out with its volumes from the wine covered hills on the bank of the Lajvér Stream. The massive volume of the building pushes five storeys deep down into the hill, yet some parts pierce through the surface here and there as if they were cliffs, creating an artistic composition on the vine hill. The long flowing volumes of the visiting area with the restaurant, the bar and accommodations can be found on the terraced upper part of the hill. The glass wall that is placed alongside the horizontal axis of the spatial system provides a wonderful panorama to the direction of the valley and the vineyard.

The building volume is hidden under the surface of the green hills but some of its wings pop up randomly from the landscape as if they were pulled out drawers.

Underneath the representative spaces, deep down under the ground hides the factory area of the winery at right angle to the layer lines, pushed into the hill like a drawer. The offices and the technological bridge necessary for the transportation of the vine are placed here as we go further down in this unit of the building. The fermentation area, which hosts the floating technological bridge in its three storey spatial area, is underneath these. The bottling and labeling area and the warehouse that has a direct connection to the ground level can also be found here. Barreled and bottled fermentation happens on the deepest floor. On top of the fermentation area we created a wine tasting terrace. From the genuine watch spot one can admire the unique sight of the vineyard in the valley of the Lajvér Stream.

Lajvér Borház és táj kapcsolata
Lajvér Borház üzemtér
Lajvér Borház fogadótér

Project Info

  • Project Name Lajvér Winery
  • Location Szálka, Hungary
  • Dimensions 3 830 m2 (net)
  • Completion 2012
  • Client Lajvér Borház Borászati Ltd.
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Architect Team Róbert Benke, János Buchta, Júlia Szendrői, Tamás Tolvaj
  • Mechanical Engineering BORD Építész Stúdió - Hollókövi Zoltán
  • Photogragher Tamás Bujnovszky