Hills floating in a multi layered green area

In the past 20 years there hasn’t been such a huge project in residential house investment in Debrecen. The 237-flat building complex is situated right on the edge of Nagyerdő, near the university campus in a residential area. Our concept is an architectural answer to the shift in the scale of different districts within the city.

The new residential park is divided into five narrow volumes that are placed at right angles to Dóczy street. The buildings are distanced from each other based on the rhythm of the dot-like residential houses in the street. The Residential park faces the sport fields on the other side of the road with 8-storey high facades. Turning the corner of Békessy street the building volumes are gradually adjusting to the sight of the surrounding condominium.

The architectural concept is based on the integration of the old and the new architectural environment.

The parallel volumes of the building blocks and the green corridor between these create an exciting, layered space experience. Green rooftop gardens, sunny patios and lively terraces vary in between the layers. The different volumes are joined together by the floating garden above the street level. The characteristic long ridges of the blocks join together occasionally creating a unique, iceberg-like image.

Project Info

  • Project Name Dóczy Park
  • Location Debrecen, Hungary
  • Number of Apartments 237
  • Gross Area 4 170 m2
  • Completion 2018
  • Client Dóczy Property Development Ltd.
  • General Design BORD Architectural Studio
  • Head Architect Péter Bordás
  • Architect Team Ágota Melinda Angi, András György Fábry, György Kazamér, Emese Kiss Veronika, Tamás Kiss, Artúr Lente, Linda Lente-Papp, Mihály Szanics, Gábor Szarka
  • Structural Engineering Hydrastat Engineering Office Ltd. - Zsigmond Dezső
  • Mechanical Engineering BORD Architectural Studio - Zoltán Hollókövi
  • Landscape Architecture Szilvia Papp