Where else could we have our picture taken at the opening ceremony of the International School of Debrecen than at the playground of the kindergarten, right in front of the giraffe jungle gym? But why on earth would we do such a thing? Read on to find out.

The giraffe is the mascot animal of our studio. For a while the trademark of all BORD building permit drawings was a random giraffe hiding on them somewhere. Since 2009 there have been similar unusual images popping up on all our technical drawings, visual plans and our mock-ups. Why? Architectural planning is an intensive creative process that requires a peaceful environment and fine tuning. While we are dealing with the graphic designs we gain time, we have time to think and relax. Strangely enough drawing the detailed view and the section plan of a train, a skating man, an elephant or an old timer switches us off and gives us immense pleasure at the same time. In this smooth, meditative state we experience a state of flow that elevates us to the best of our performance. This is how our creative and playful architectural solutions are born.