Forest Offices invokes the design of computers with its futuristic appearance and this BORD building was the very first to get LEED Gold certification from among the office buildings outside Budapest.

The Debrecen based Forest Offices is a 22 thousand square metre building which can take in 2500 employees. It was the first among the rural office buildings to get the environmentally committed LEED Gold certification.

The architectural concept was inspired by computers – the symbol of our modern world and the tool of our everyday working lives. The exterior of computers are the result of industrial design while their interiors are ensnared by electric circuits slaloming around microchips. Accordingly, the interior of the building is highly comforted, environmentally conscious, energy efficient and sustainable product.

This product is wrapped up in a perfectly planned, unique package. The exclusive appearance of Forest Offices radiates in unbreakable unity as its inner functions discern through the transparent glass construction.