Waldmann Andrea, tájépítész

Andrea Waldmann

Landscape Architect

Andrea is the landscape architect of BORD Studio and member of the Landscape and Horticultural Engineering division of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects. She graduated from the Landscape Architecture Faculty of Corvinus University in 2015 and gained professional experience in Stuttgart and Graz as a student.

As a graduate she worked in Düsseldorf and Vienna then joined BORD in 2016. Our buildings blend in with nature due to her professional expertise. The students of the International School of Debrecen will play in her garden; she is in charge of designing the scenery of our apartment blocks, wineries and sport centres. Andrea is keen on nature-centred projects and deeply interested in the rehabilitation of former industrial areas as well as the Arts and Crafts gardens of the Belle Époque.

She is the chief botanist in our team, crazy about jazz from the 20’s and 30’s, fond of lindy hop and also likes riding a bicycle.